22 de março de 2013

Please, please me

It was March 22nd, 1963, when it all begin. And after this day, the world would never be the same.

Wanna ask me why everything changed that day?

You don’t have to do it, because I wanna tell what happened in that special day, exactly 50 years ago: the album Please Please Me was released. 

And after that, the music world has never been in misery again, because that wonderful band was ready to change the world of music.
I was there. I saw what happened. 

There’s a place where I used to go with my friends, to have drinks and listen to the rock’n’roll. Me, my friend Anna and the boys from college used to hang out there all the time. 

But that day, when the music started to play, it was different than any other day. 

People felt a taste of honey in that perfect sound, and suddenly everybody went crazy! All over the place, people were singing, dancing,  and every single person there started to twist and shout! Even one lonely girl at the bar (yes, I saw her standing there) broke all the chains of her shyness and sang Love me do really out loud!

And do you want to know a secret? That night, Anna turned to one of our friends, and after years knowing they liked each other, she whispered in his ear: 

- Baby, it’s you! (they got married few years later, happily ever after)

It was magical! The love was all around, the music was perfect and loud, people were happy and I knew the future would be better because of the creativity, the vibration and the perfect music one band shared with the world on that day: The Beatles.

And I would like to thank them for giving me and to the everyone in the world so many amazing moments filled with their wonderful songs.

The Beatles, you are the best! Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of your first album. 

Your songs and your talent gonna last forever and ever! :)